Astronaut ( The Toughest Job in the Universe ) is a new ten-part series in which 12 men and women from all over the Middle East go through the most extreme and demanding selection process reserved for real-life astronaut candidates. 

The 12 who come from different backgrounds as pilots, scientists, and explorers share the same passion for space exploration. They passed through an evaluation process based on criteria set by the space agencies, not to mention their experiences and talents reflective of their dedication to achieving their goals. 

During the competition, they will be under the watchful eyes of formidable assessors who are experts in their respective fields. Former astronaut and Commander of the International Space Station, Chris Hadfield, Head Operations Management of UAE astronaut program at MBRSC, Saud Karmustaji, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Luma Naccache decide on who leaves and remains in the competition until the announcement of the ultimate candidate who prove to have what it takes to be an astronaut.  

The series aims to give audience insights into the rigorous selection and training process one has to go through to have the privilege to do the toughest job  and to inspire people to conquer space as an ASTRONAUT. 

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