Brief of Episode 5

Brief of Episode 5

Episode 5: Raha Moharrak left the competition

Episode 5: Nasser AlGhafri left the competition

Episode 5: Preparations

Brief of Episode 4

Episode 4: Preparations

Backstage: Said AlZahrani left the competition

Brief of Episode 3

Episode 3: Preparation for the challenge

Episode 3: Chris Hadfield chats with the astronauts' candidates

Episode 2: Light moments with Saud Karmstaji

Brief of Episode 2

Episode 2: Preparations for the Emergency Landing Challenge

Chris Hadfield chats with Emilio Sassine after elimination

Chris Hadfield gave Hind AlAwadhi a copy of his book that chronicles his journey to space

Brief of the episode

Interview of Said AlZahrani, Aerospace Engineer

Creating an environment that simulates the space station in the middle of the Dubai desert

Psychological Test

Fitness Test

Medical Examination

Interview of participants with the Committee