Nasser AlGhafri - UAE

Nasser AlGhafri - UAE

Nasser AlGhafri is a pilot at Emirates with over 10 000 hours of flying. He first started aviation as a hobby and pursued it to become one of the top UAE pilots.

Nasser made it to the top 9 out of 4022 candidates for the UAE astronaut Program in 2018.

He earned numerous degrees and diplomas in aviation:
Flight Training Adelaide / South Australia
Coventry University / England

He also completed over 40 different training, including Jupiter and Venus Routing, Shearwater ECM training program, Airbus A340 Conversion Course, and First Solo in a Grob-G 115 Aircraft.

What motivates him most is being a true inspiration to his kids. He inspired his daughter to study astrophysics in Oxford.


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