• Layne Redman

    Layne began his career working on International modeling and promotional campaigns and has always enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people at work on a variety of projects.

    Layne has worked on major International campaigns for companies including MTV, Sony Ericsson, Danone, The One and Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, to name a few.

    In 2008, Layne joined the Dubai One TV team as a co-host on the show Out & About. Layne continues to co-host the show as well as model and work for major international brands being featured in TV advertising campaigns.

  • Punam Verma

    Punam always wanted to be a singer/songwriter, so after graduating with a Marketing degree from University in the UK, she decided to pursue a music career.

    However - her mum told her she also needed a proper job, so she applied to Marketing departments at various Radio Stations. One station realised that she was also a singer and asked her to try her hand at Presenting. She wasn't very interested in becoming a Presenter, but they encouraged her to give it a go.

    Three weeks later she was Presenting the Traffic news to 20 different Radio stations around the UK. She was then head hunted by the BBC, and was asked to Co-Present the breakfast show with BBC Birmingham.

    After two years she decided to go back to University to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism, and then eventually returned to the BBC as a News Journalist.

    Whilst at the BBC she received an email which went to her Junk box. Instead of deleting it she decided to take a quick look. The mail had come to her by accident or maybe fate, and was advertising a Presenter's job at Dubai One TV. She decided to apply for it and sent a self produced showreel via email. A few days later she received a reply from Dubai One TV, offering Punam her own show - which we all know as 'Out & About'!

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